Principles and holistic approach to learning and development
1.1 Theories of learning and development and their relevance to Forest School
1.1 Key principles of Forest School
1.1 Examples of Forest School encouraging:
* Self Esteem (internal)
* Confidence (external)
* Emotional Intelligence
* Resilience
* Spiritual Development
* Creativity
* Independent Learning
1.1 Key characteristics of play
1.1 Integrating play and choice into Forest School sessions
1.1 Summarise factors affecting behaviour, their impact on learning and development and ways of encouraging appropriate behaviour


Task 2 – Reflective essay



2.1 Outline the development of Forest School in the UK and locally – (Ernest Cook Trust, FSA South West, Glos Forest School Network)
2.1 Evaluate one piece of research
2.2 Assess the Ecological impact of Forest School on your site
2.2 Use this assessment to create a three year sustainability management plan for your own setting

2.3 Forest School Handbook (a list of quality examples)
Holywell Primary and Nursery School
Churchdown Village Junior School (see this example for the contents suggested below)

CONTENTS (suggested)

  1. The Forest School Ethos
  2. Our Forest School Code of Conduct
  3. Our Forest School Rules
  4. Setting Forest School Procedures
  5. Legislation
  6. Travel
  7. Suggested Activities for Forest Schools
  8. Equipment for Forest School
  9. Using and Storing Tools
  10. Health and Safety Policy
  11. Safeguarding Children, Confidentiality & Forest School
  12. Equal Opportunities, Inclusion and Forest School
  13. Risk Assessment Guidelines and Safety Sweep
  14. Accident and Emergency Procedures
  15. Poor Weather Procedures
  16. Designated Person Responsibilities
  17. Insurance Requirements










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