Booking has now opened for our 2019 Inspired Forest School Conference and we are pleased to be able to welcome you to attend.

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The plan for the day was imagined at our latest meeting. The group decided that a meeting once a year was far more realistic and achievable than a monthly meet at a setting. With a date secured, the planning began.

So far we have:

  • a number of ideas suggested by the members of a Facebook group, set up to steer the event
  • arranged the date - 3rd June 2019
  • secured the venue - Redwood Outdoor Learning Centre, Slimbridge
  • booked our first guest for the day
  • set a price - £95 (no vat) - for the day. Any profit made from the day will be reinvested in the 2020 meeting

Now it is over to you. Please book your space, tell your friends, invite colleagues and promote your event.

Let's inspire together!

Inspired-Forest-School-HANDBOOK-2 Forest School Conference 2019

Forest School Conference 2019