It's alive! A pat on the back for everyone who played a part in the creation of our unique space for the children of Churchdown to enjoy.

This was a collaboration between staff, pupils, Forest School students and parents of the school.

img_20180313_0900331947225655 The Willow is growing 🌳👍

In the last week, all of the dormant willow has started to sprout, putting down roots as it goes. It is amazing to think that just a few short weeks ago this existed only on paper.

img_20180313_122432-1433977137 The Willow is growing 🌳👍

img_20180314_100109216143699 The Willow is growing 🌳👍

The dormant period is now over for another year, but do plan to plant some willow in your setting between the months of November and March.

If you need and guidance then we recommend our resident willow sculptre, Helen Lomberg, from Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts, Gloucester.

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img_20180419_102335-1294769058 The Willow is growing 🌳👍

The Willow is growing 🌳👍