UNIT 4 TASK 1 – Create a key identifying a range of woodland flora and fauna (AC 2.2)

For this unit you are advised to create a resource that is suited your your setting or the woodland that you visit. You can add plants (flora) and animals (fauna) that the children may encounter during their visits. One way to display it could be as bunting, where the children (and you) can add things as you come across them. These could be pre-created or made to order as and when. The important part here is that the children feel ownership of their learning.

Another way to display the resource could be to laminate and attach to a keyring. Although you can buy these, home (or school) made versions are always going to gain more respect, be more personal to your setting and hopefully be more useful.

At our setting, the children have settled on a large sheet displaying an image with the name of creatures under each. To take this further, I would like to add the latin names and potentially some fun fact information to gain interest.

Here are some examples of wonderful resources created by our Forest School Leaders in training! If you would like to get in contact with the owner then please email us and we can connect you via email or at our next Gloucestershire Network meeting.


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UNIT 4 TASK 1 – Create a key identifying a range of woodland flora and fauna (AC 2.2)
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