Gareth-Bull-253 2000 Trees Music Festival - Cheltenham
Inspired Forest School @ 2000 Trees Festival

A few weeks ago we had the first meeting of our 2000 Trees Festival team. For the past two years we have been running a Forest School setting during the weekend of the festival, inviting people to come along and experience Forest School activities with their children.

We are continuing to provide this free service at this years 2000 Trees Festival, with the support of the organisers who had this to say about us:

image001 2000 Trees Music Festival - Cheltenham

“Forest School is an excellent feature for 2000trees, we love that they came to see an empty woodland, imagined a new future for it and then built a brilliant space for everyone! They are great with children – positive, encouraging and full of wonderment, and they are an asset to our event that we are very proud of.”

Andy Rea, 2000trees Festival


Last year, The Independent Newspaper were writing a review of the festival, and they mentioned the Forest School area - have a read 

2000 Trees Music Festival – Cheltenham