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Forest School Leader Training

Here at Inspired Forest School Training, our aim is to provide you with high quality Forest School training in Gloucestershire because the principles of Forest School matter to us.

What is Forest School?

First of all, Forest School is a unique approach to learning with child-led play at its centre. Children are offered curriculum-linked activities that all small and achievable. This allows students to build self-esteem, resilience and confidence. Sessions are facilitated by the adults (at least one Level Three Forest School Leader) in the group. This regular access to nature and risk taking allows individuals to reach their full potential. The roots of Forest School can be traced to Scandinavia, where being outside is the norm!

Having 10 years experience of teaching this way, we know that we are in a strong position to train students. Our key aim as a non-profit making company is to enable more children to access this wonderful style of learning. We are lucky to be able to offer our trainees the opportunity to learn alongside children as we have strong partnerships with local schools and businesses. Why choose anywhere else? Join us and let’s inspire together!


What is Forest School Training?

To achieve the best outcome for our students, we are working alongside two local schools and our friends at the Ernest Cook Trust and Badger Wood Adventures.

As a result of this, and as part of our unique Forest School Training, students will observe and participate in numerous Forest School settings. As a results the coursework and objectives will be much easier to access and achieve. Students will also feel more confident in the process of setting up and running their own Forest School settings.

These experiences allow our trainees maximum opportunity for practical learning with the ones who matter most in Forest School – the children. Forest School is an inspirational process offering everyone the opportunity to succeed through small, achievable tasks. Furthermore, sessions focus upon participants taking well calculated risks.

What Forest School courses do we offer?

Our Forest School Training courses include Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Forest School Leader training as well as a series of development days.

As part of our unique courses, we will guide and support you every step of the way.

Forest School PLUS - Development courses for those trained and training


We also offer Forest School professional development courses -we like to call these FOREST SCHOOL PLUS – such as Natural Mindfulness with Ian Banyard of Cotswold Natural Mindfulness, Advanced Forest School Tool Use with Touchwood Crafts and Achievable Willow Weavingwith Helen of Glos Arts and Crafts Centre. If you receive Sports Premium funding then all of our courses can be funded using this. Click here to find out more. We look forward to helping you to reach your full potential.



All courses are accredited by the Open College Network, West Midlands.

Forest School principles

Finally, throughout our Forest School Training, we follow the key principles of Forest School from its Scandinavian roots. These principles have been set out by the Forest School Association (FSA):

* Forest School is a long-term process of regular sessions
* Session take place in a natural environment to support development
* Promote the use of a range of learner-centred processes
* Aiming to promote holistic development
* Offering learners the opportunity to take supported risks
* All run by qualified Forest School practitioners


Inspired Forest School Training is endorsed by Tom Hall, Head of Education at Active Gloucestershire. 

Meet the trainer

Shane is our Forest School Leader and QCF trainer. He has been a Forest School Leader for 11 years and is nothing less than a Forest School expert! Since completing his qualification in 2007, he has established three Forest School sites, worked with thousands of children at Forest School sessions, welcomed colleagues and visiting staff locally and from Europe… READ MORE


‘I count myself fortunate to have worked alongside Shane. He marries his passion for the subject matter with practical ideas that can have a transformational impact on the quality of your curriculum and the enjoyment your learners experience. Keep doing what you’re doing!’


N.B. Level 2 training also takes place on these dates.

 JUNE 2018 – Level 3 Forest School Leader training

4 days in June 2018 days plus 2 skills days (6 days in total)


Level 3 Forest School Leader training –  SEPTEMBER 2018 – Course 201
September 2018



Level 1 Forest School Assistant training – Course 007
April 2018


Mindfulness Taster Walk - May 8th

What is Mindfulness and how does it link so well with the ethos of Forest School? Find out as you learn alongside Ian Banyard, Lead Guide and creator of Cotswold Natural Mindfulness a new nature-based approach to mindfulness and well-being. Please arrive promptly - taster walk begins at 1pm - at our training centre, ensuring you are wearing weather appropriate clothing and sturdy boots. We look forward to meeting you.


Inspired Forest School Training
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Rachel Greaves
Rachel Greaves
I have had an amazing time learning with Shane and a great bunch of people. Truly inspirational, passionate about what he's teaching and keen to improve and help others improve. What more can you ask for? I can't wait to get started.
Jo Manners
Jo Manners
I have absolutely loved my Level 3 Forest School training. I've learned so many new skills and have discovered that I am way more capable than I ever thought. Shane is a fantastic trainer and his enthusiasm is infectious. I have literally loved every minute and cannot wait to see the positive impact it's going to have on my school ����
Dave Smith
Dave Smith
There is Forest School... and then there is Forest School the “Inspired” way. I count myself fortunate to have worked alongside Shane. He marries his passion for the subject matter with practical ideas that can have a transformational impact on the quality of your curriculum and the enjoyment your learners experience. Keep doing what you’re doing!