Inspired Forest School Training. Offering Ofqual regualted qualifications on Gloucestershire, England.
Inspired Forest School Training. Offering Ofqual regualted qualifications on Gloucestershire, England.
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Train the INSPIRED way:

✅ We teach the 🇸🇪 Scandi way
✅ In a working Forest School
✅ Learn alongside children
✅ With 15+ years experience
✅ Award winning & supported by local business

🏆OFQUAL & OFSTED regulated qualifications

Tracy Barrell
Tracy Barrell
Definitely the most inspiring course I have attended. Shane is an exceptional course leader and has an extensive knowledge of the natural world and how to inspire children. This course has given me amazing skills to work with the children at my preschool, and also to use my new skills in my Scouting. I cannot wait to attend more CPD with Inspired Forest School Training. Thank you Shane & Mark
Fiona Hunt
Fiona Hunt
Highly recommend! Shane is a fantastic teacher and leader guiding our group through the course and sharing his knowledge with us. The course took place in a few different settings to be able to give us a proper insight to what can be achieved with Forest School. Looking forward to returning for the different workshops in the future.
Eleanor Ehibor
Eleanor Ehibor
Inspiring and helpful
Julie Trinder
Julie Trinder
Loved the practical days , found study quite hard but more probably because of my lacking in computer skills and Shane pointed me in the right direction and I am so pleased that iv now done all the work 😊
This was a brilliant experience for me. The teacher offered so much knowledge and guidance in a friendly and understandable way. I have gained skills and knowledge to take back to my setting and teach the children. The structure of the practical days were great and really hands on and the support base is invaluable to complete assignments. Thank you!!
Alison Evans
Alison Evans
I really enjoyed the training days they were great fun and very informative, Shane is extremely knowledgeable and taught me a huge range of practical skills and things to make, and really awoke my interest in the outdoors. Putting into practice what I have learned is fantastic, and Shane has been a very helpful guide and mentor. I agree that the coursework is time-consuming and you really need to keep on top of it. Doing this course alongside working full-time does require commitment but it is well worth it. I am excited to see where my Forest School journey now takes me - let the fun begin!!
Alex Foster
Alex Foster
The L3 Forest School Leader course is suitably thorough covering everything from managing your own forest school setting, learning tool/craft skills to developing your own pedagogy informed by the forest school ethos. Shane and the team are super supportive and I would recommend inspired Forest School Training without hesitation.
Bev Whiteside
Bev Whiteside
Excellent training - thank you. Shane is a very supportive and knowledgeable trainer. I was a bit nervous about some aspects, but Shane always put me at ease, and I grew in confidence over the course of the practical days. The online assignments are well structured with lots of support and guidance. I thoroughly recommend training at Inspired Forest School Training.
Martin Huck
Martin Huck
Excellent course. One could almost say inspiring!!
Zoe Crump
Zoe Crump
Inspired Forest School Training Level 3 Forest School Leader course, is an outstanding program that I highly recommend to anyone interested in forest school education. The knowledge, skills, and inspiration I gained from this course have been truly transformational, and I am confident that it will greatly impact my future practice as a forest school leader. Thank you, Shane, for your expertise, dedication, and passion in delivering such a phenomenal training experience.

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Forest School Training

Welcome to Inspired Forest School Training, your premier destination for top-quality Forest School courses in Gloucestershire. Our accredited Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 qualifications are designed to provide a unique and friendly learning experience in the heart of our Forest School setting. Ideal for individuals in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Bristol, Somerset, Swindon, Monmouthshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, and surrounding areas.Forest-Schoole-Training Inspired Forest School Training

What Sets Forest School Apart?

Forest School is a distinctive learning approach, placing child-led play and small, achievable curriculum-linked activities at its core. This methodology nurtures the development of self-esteem, resilience, and confidence. Led by experienced adults, including at least one Level Three Forest School Leader, our sessions offer regular exposure to nature and encourage calculated risk-taking, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential.

Why Choose Inspired Forest School Training?

Rooted in the Scandinavian lifestyle and backed by two decades of experience in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, we bring unparalleled expertise to training adult students. As a not-for-profit company, our mission is to make this enriching learning style accessible to more children. With strong partnerships with local schools and businesses, our trainees have a unique opportunity to learn alongside children, ensuring a comprehensive and inspiring training experience.


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What is Forest School Training?

To achieve the best outcome for our students, we are working alongside two local schools and our friends at the University Of Gloucestershire, Pata UK, The Ernest Cook Trust ,Natural Mindfulness and Badger Wood Adventures.

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Unique Leader training

As a result of this, and as part of our unique training, students will observe and participate in numerous Forest School settings. Consequently the coursework and objectives will be much easier to access and achieve. Students will also feel more confident in the process of setting up and running their own Forest School settings. Our support continues even once you have completed your training.

Practical experiences

These experiences allow our trainees maximum opportunity for practical learning with the ones who matter most in Forest School – the children. Forest School is an inspirational process offering everyone the opportunity to succeed through small, achievable tasks. Furthermore sessions focus upon participants taking well calculated risks.

What Forest School courses do we offer?

Our Forest School Training courses include Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Forest School Leader training as well as a series of development days. The level that you can begin at depends on your experience, age and qualifications.

As part of our unique courses, we will guide and support you every step of the way.

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We also offer professional development courses. We like to call these FOREST SCHOOL PLUS. Courses we run include Natural Mindfulness with Ian Banyard of Cotswold Natural Mindfulness, Advanced Forest School Tool Use with Touchwood Crafts and Achievable Willow Weaving with Helen of Glos Arts and Crafts Centre.

Sports Premium Funding

If you receive Sports Premium funding then all of our courses can be funded using this. We look forward to helping you to reach your full potential through your qualification with us.

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Forest School principles

Finally, throughout our Forest School Training we follow the key principles of Forest School from its Scandinavian roots. These principles have been set out by the Forest School Association (FSA):

  • Sessions take place in a natural environment to support development
  • Forest School is a long-term process of regular sessions
  • Promote the use of a range of learner-centred processes
  • Aiming to promote holistic development
  • Offering learners the opportunity to take supported risks
  • All run by a qualified Forest School practitioner.

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Inspired Forest School Training is endorsed by Tom Hall, Head of Education at Active Gloucestershire. 

Meet the trainer

IMG_20180320_133655-01-1-150x150 Inspired Forest School TrainingShane is our Forest School Leader and QCF trainer. He has been a Forest School Leader for 16 years and is nothing less than an outdoor learning expert!

Since completing his qualification in 2007, he has established three Forest School sites, whilst at the same time working with thousands of children at Forest School sessions, as well as welcoming colleagues and visiting staff locally and from Europe… READ MORE

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