Here is a comprehensive Forest School Leader kit list. All of the equipment here has been put to the test by the most important customers in Forest School, the children! This Forest School kit is used daily and has been selected by a team of Forest School Leaders alongside the children who take part in sessions. Any questions, just drop us an email:

Whittling | Fire Lighting | Cooking | Den building | Tools | Books Other essentials

Forest School Kit List :: Items listed on Amazon

Forest School equipment for whittling
Whittling – to carve into an object, usually wood, repeatedly cutting small slices with a knife or blade

Using the best, sharpest equipment provides Forest School users with the best chance to achieve in their small, achievable tasks. That is why we recommend the use of high quality kit.

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Cooking – the practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients.

Forest School is a wonderful opportunity to cook outside and provide students with the skills to utilise their skills at fire lighting. With a range of tools that are fit for purpose, the Forest School Leader can enable learners to achieve by progressing the outcomes from a marshmallow to bread.

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Den Building – the lair or shelter of a wild animal, especially a predatory mammal or an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling
Using high quality tarpaulins, of a usable size, and a good choice of rope/string, a Forest School Leader can provide participants with the kit needed to construct a good den. Offering images of potential tarp configurations can promote more successful outcomes.

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Tools – a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.
Forest School without risk taking opportunities is just not the real thing! Here we list the tool that we use with our child, aged 3 and upwards, with varying levels of support. Once they gain our trust, the tools provide wonderful chances to grow confidence and build resilience.


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Fire -a collection of fuel, especially coal or wood, burnt in a controlled way to provide heat or a means for cooking.
Fire lighting has allowed man to reach the level of society we have today. Correctly used, it can provide fantastic learning situations and become, as one child told me the other day, ‘nature’s T.V’. Once students have mastered cotton wool, move on to find natural tinder, such as birch bark, to enhance their experiences.

Essential – fundamental or central to the nature of something or someone.
This list of tools, equipment and some random items has been created as a reference to pick and choose from. Of course, what is essential is one setting wont be useful in another. Click and read the description of the items, and if you need further details about their use, just email us! 

Books – fundamental or central to the nature of something or someone.
There are books and then there a books that are worth reading. Here we list the books that have helped us, and our student Forest School Leaders, on the journey. They are full of easy to read ideas and factual theory behind the Forest School ethos.

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