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Forest School education

As an education tool, Forest School is valuable if used in the correct and intended manner. With the correct leadership, participants can gain huge amounts through increased self-esteem, independence and confidence in their own abilities.

INSPIRED-FOREST-SCHOOL Forest School education

What is education?

Education itself can be defined as ‘…giving or receiving instructions…’ and this is a key part when setting up the systems and giving tool talks in Forest School sessions, but must not be the sole vision of the Level 3 Forest School Leader who facilitates.

How does Forest School differ?

Instead, the session lead should aim to simplify and promote risk taking amongst participants, whilst maintaining the choice and optional learning outcomes we typically see in a classroom.

Once a child has choice, they can work through their own holistic development in order to reach ‘readiness to learn’. This does not come easy and is something that is well known in the research community. So much so that big names such as Lego have a whole scheme dedicated to helping build these skills in children.

More information

You can find a variety of papers that have been written around this topic. There is also the support of The Forest School Association.


Forest School education
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