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cropped-IMG_20180122_080138-01-1-150x150 Fire Forest SchoolHere is a comprehensive Forest School Leader kit list, a shop if you will.

All of the equipment here has been put to the test by the most important customers in Forest School, the children! This Forest School kit is used daily and has been selected by a team of Forest School Leaders alongside the children who take part in sessions. Any questions, just drop us an email: [email protected]


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Fire – a collection of fuel, especially coal or wood, burnt in a controlled way to provide heat or a means for cooking.
Fire lighting has allowed man to reach the level of society we have today. Correctly used, it can provide fantastic learning situations and become, as one child told me the other day, ‘nature’s T.V’. Once students have mastered cotton wool, move on to find natural tinder, such as birch bark, to enhance their experiences.
lightmyfire_mallows-300x300 Fire Forest School

Grandpa’s Marshmallow Firefork

The safest way to heat marshmallows is with the Light My Fire Firefork. The swedes have done it again and mastered it. Keep the mallow on the metal, so less chance of injury.
lightmyfire-300x250 Fire Forest School

Light My Fire :: Swedish Fire Steel

The highest of quality, purchase yourself a Light My Fire Swedish Fire Steel with 12,000 strikes.
firepiston-300x226 Fire Forest School

Fire Piston

Offer progression in fire lighting with the fire piston. A simple an effective way to start a fire with an ember.
spitfire-300x200 Fire Forest School

Spitfire Telescopic Blow Tube

Get the air exactly where you need it to complete the fire triangle and get a successful fire going. Great and compact too!
ultimate-kelly-kettle-300x238 Fire Forest School

Complete Kelly Kettle Kit

We are talking the ultimate 1.6L kettle with all the accessories you could EVER wish for.
bow-drill-300x300 Fire Forest School

Breathtaking Bow-Drill

Looking to extend your participants with fire lighting? Or even your own skills! Be aware that this will take some work (so a medium, achievable task).
fiirebowl-300x184 Fire Forest School


Built to endure and the perfect size for a small fire in a setting. This is a heavy object, so not something to transport to and from the site.
muurikka-300x300 Fire Forest School

Muurikka Griddle Pan

This wonderful griddle pan from Finland is a staple in Scandinavian gardens, offering cooking over an open fire on a larger scale. Treat the pan like cast iron, baking vegetable oil in to produce a dark patina (non stick) and provide long life.
moisture-meter-300x300 Fire Forest School


Wood contains water. If you are looking for the best wood for a fire, you need wood that has less than 20% water content. This tool will instantly tell you the % water content of any stick or log. Use this to sort wood in your setting and help create success around the fire pit.
ecofire-300x300 Fire Forest School


Eco friendly, naturally based fire lighters approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. If your fire needs a little help to get going, but you don't want to use petrol based firelighters then these are a wonderful, albeit more expensive, alternative. They are also safe to handle as they ar made from vegetable fats.
pit-300x215 Fire Forest School


At 870mm diameter this fire pit is perfect for use in a Forest School setting where a permanent Fire Pit area is not an option.
haribo-228x300 Fire Forest School


Buy them in bulk and never be without a bag, simple as that. Not Halal approved.
fireblanket-300x300 Fire Forest School


Ensure that you have one of these next to your fire pit at all times.
kellykettle-300x300 Fire Forest School


Simply the fastest way to boil water and a fun way to use fire. This is not the more expensive version with pans and cups. but this is really all you need! The base is perfect for fire lighting without a fire pit.
orange_firesteel-1-300x207 Fire Forest School


Orange, so easy to see when left on the ground. There also have comfortable thumb spaces and a long cord. #topquality
cottonwool-249x300 Fire Forest School

Fuss Free Cotton Wool

A big bag of fluffy tinder to use when fire lighting. It is always worth buying a few bags as they are cheap, perfect for the job and easy to store.

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