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may2024 Forest School Leader Training - May 2024

Train to lead Forest School with the Level 3 qualification
What does training look like at Inspired?

Join us as you achieve your Ofqual regulated Level 3 Forest School Leader qualification. Internationally recognised, this qualification allows you to run sessions with all age ranges, in a number of countries throughout the world.

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Tracy Barrell
Definitely the most inspiring course I have attended. Shane is an exceptional course leader and has an extensive knowledge of the natural world and how to inspire children. This course has given me amazing skills to work with the children at my preschool, and also to use my new skills in my Scouting. I cannot wait to attend more CPD with Inspired Forest School Training. Thank you Shane & Mark
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Fiona Hunt
Highly recommend! Shane is a fantastic teacher and leader guiding our group through the course and sharing his knowledge with us. The course took place in a few different settings to be able to give us a proper insight to what can be achieved with Forest School. Looking forward to returning for the different workshops in the future.
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Eleanor Ehibor
Inspiring and helpful
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Julie Trinder
Loved the practical days , found study quite hard but more probably because of my lacking in computer skills and Shane pointed me in the right direction and I am so pleased that iv now done all the work 😊
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This was a brilliant experience for me. The teacher offered so much knowledge and guidance in a friendly and understandable way. I have gained skills and knowledge to take back to my setting and teach the children. The structure of the practical days were great and really hands on and the support base is invaluable to complete assignments. Thank you!!
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Alison Evans
I really enjoyed the training days they were great fun and very informative, Shane is extremely knowledgeable and taught me a huge range of practical skills and things to make, and really awoke my interest in the outdoors. Putting into practice what I have learned is fantastic, and Shane has been a very helpful guide and mentor. I agree that the coursework is time-consuming and you really need to keep on top of it. Doing this course alongside working full-time does require commitment but it is well worth it. I am excited to see where my Forest School journey now takes me - let the fun begin!!
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Alex Foster
The L3 Forest School Leader course is suitably thorough covering everything from managing your own forest school setting, learning tool/craft skills to developing your own pedagogy informed by the forest school ethos. Shane and the team are super supportive and I would recommend inspired Forest School Training without hesitation.
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Bev Whiteside
Excellent training - thank you. Shane is a very supportive and knowledgeable trainer. I was a bit nervous about some aspects, but Shane always put me at ease, and I grew in confidence over the course of the practical days. The online assignments are well structured with lots of support and guidance. I thoroughly recommend training at Inspired Forest School Training.
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Martin Huck
Excellent course. One could almost say inspiring!!
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Zoe Crump
Inspired Forest School Training Level 3 Forest School Leader course, is an outstanding program that I highly recommend to anyone interested in forest school education. The knowledge, skills, and inspiration I gained from this course have been truly transformational, and I am confident that it will greatly impact my future practice as a forest school leader. Thank you, Shane, for your expertise, dedication, and passion in delivering such a phenomenal training experience.
🟢 Forest School Leader Training

may2024-banner-1024x338 Forest School Leader Training - May 2024

Level 3 Forest School Leader training –
5 ‘face-to face’ practical days PLUS equivalent 5 days theory content (self study)
Begins May 2024

Train with us to be an Open College Network accredited Forest School Leader, recognised the world over. We are an award winning, accredited training provider, offering a practical setting to train alongside children.

Our award winning Forest School Training allows you to fit the training into your life at a time that suits, whilst minimising the time required out of class/nursery/work – 5 contact days – at our working Forest School training centre in Churchdown, Gloucestershire. The practical dates are listed below:

Practical Days (x5)

    • Day 1 – Tuesday 21st May 2024
    • Day 2 – Thursday 6th June
    • Day 3 – Monday 17th June
    • Day 4 – Thursday 27th June
    • Day 5 – Wednesday 10th July

Forest School Leader training – Level 3

fivedays Forest School Leader Training - May 2024


Followed by a practical observation at your setting

  • 155 Guided Learning Hours
  • 35+ hours on site practical
  • 120 hours supported online study (self study)

book_now Forest School Leader Training - May 2024

In this Forest School Leader, Level 3 course, you will learn practical skills and knowledge to work as a Forest School Leader. This will include building factual, procedural and theoretical knowledge and understanding of Forest School.

Course learning outcomes
Once you have completed the studies you should be able to:
1. understand the development of Forest School
2. be able to manage the ecological impact of Forest School
3. develop the underpinning documents required for a Forest School programme
4. plan in line with the Forest School ethos and principles

<strong>What will the course entail?</strong>
Once you have enrolled on the course we will begin guiding you through the step by step process of the training programme.

Once you have enrolled and completed payment, we will begin facilitating the completion of the theory and practical elements of the course.

The theory elements of the course are completed in your own time through self-study. Our unique approach provides learners with access to an online workbook to facilitate all elements of the studies.

All learning is fully supported by the team at Inspired Forest School Training, offering advice and coursework marking throughout. No questions too big or small.

<strong>Where will the practical sessions be?</strong>
Our 5 practical dates must be attended in full to complete the requirements of the qualification. These dates include:

  • Working in at least 4 working Forest School settings
  • Guidance and instruction on how to use at least 7 hand tools
  • Group sizes of average 8 people
  • All equipment and timber provided
<strong>And if we have another lockdown in the future?</strong>
As the Ofqual Regulated awarding organisation, we can offer extensions to deadlines. We are here to ensure you complete the course and reach your goal, whatever happens.
<strong>How many modules are there?</strong>

The Forest School Leader award (Level 3) is divided into 5 clear units. You will receive both practical and theory input to allow you to achieve each unit.

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Delivery
  • Learning and Development
  • Practical Skills
  • The Woodland Environment
What our current learners say…

IMG_20190603_105103-150x150 Forest School Leader Training - May 2024
I totally enjoyed my whole Forest school experience can’t recommend it enough you will get so much out of this course. Thank you for a great time.<span class="su-quote-cite">Katy - KS1 teacher</span>

After initial concern as to how I would fit the coursework into my busy life I am so glad I did this course. I absolutely loved it!
Shane the tutor was incredibly knowledgeable, clearly passionate, and gave clear constructive feedback where needed. I am now running sessions in school and thoroughly enjoying them alongside the children!<span class="su-quote-cite">Debs - KS2</span>

book_now Forest School Leader Training - May 2024

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the chat (bottom right of this page) or email [email protected]

Let’s inspire together!

Frequently asked questions

Is you setting Covid Secure?
Yes. Our setting is within the grounds of a Junior School and we will continue to implement guidance provided by the government.

What are the course requirements?
In order to train at Level 3, you will need to fulfil the following criteria: * Be at least 21 years of age * Hold/have applied for an enhanced DBS certificate * Be qualified to Level 2 (or equivalent) or have experience of working with a group as a leader * Hold/plan to complete a Paediatric First Aid certificate
Can I pay in instalments?
Yes! When you book, you will be invoiced for the full amount, payable within 14 days.
If, however, you would like to pay monthly then please feel free to email [email protected] to request this. Let’s inspire together!
Is this course accredited by Ofqual?
Yes. We are a Direct Claims Status setting for The Open College, providing Ofsted regulated qualifications for Forest School.
Once qualified, your achievements will be recognised in the UK and, currently, five other countries worldwide.
What is the course programme?
The Level 3 Forest School Leader course programme consists of 5 days of supported online training, 4 practical days at our Forest School training centre, plus one observation of between 2 and 3 hours.
* Day 1-5: On site at our working Forest School setting in the Cotswolds and at two local Forest School settings.
Practical experiences of setting up a Forest School site, risk taking and management of ecological impact, principles of FS, fire, tool use and training alongside children.
Sessions run by trained and practising Primary School Teachers and Forest School Leaders.
* Days 6-9: Online workbook, alongside unlimited email support, guides you through the theory elements of the course. This involves around 120 hours of fully support, guided learning,. Some trainees will require less time to achieve all objectives, some more.
* Observation session: Within one year. Observation of between 2-3 hours Once you have your chosen site and group, let a few sessions run and then invite us in to complete your accreditation as a Forest School Leader.

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