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Promoting child-led physical activity

During these uncertain times it is important to remember and strengthen our connections with nature and the natural world. Children learn through play and where better to let imaginations flourish than outside.

We are Inspired Forest School, a training company working to support local businesses as we spread the Forest School ethos through Ofqual regulated qualifications.

Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson

In partnership with Active Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust, the Inspired Forest School Team are providing daily ideas for creative play outside.

Minimal resources and no printing, with everything displayable on a tablet or phone.


Frequently asked questions

What is Forest School?
Forest School is an ethos for learning outdoors. It focuses on child-led learning and creating a connection with nature.

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How is this different to just going outside?
Enabling your child(ren) regular access the natural world – even if it is just a view of the sky – has been proven to lower anxiety levels and promote calm.

Providing ideas or ‘seeds’ of ideas and activities will encourage imagination and exploration – two key elements of play and progression in child development.

Couple this with the fresh air (proven to aid a good nights sleep), increased levels of motivation, more positive attitudes to learning (no promises there) and the opportunity to exercise as you learn and you can see why it makes sense to add this to your daily timetable.

Introduce an element of risk taking (if applicable) and you are even closer to the full Forest School concept.

Will this help my child(ren)?
In short yes. And it will also help you.

Studies have proven that introducing Forest School, or continuing to provide opportunities for Forest School experiences, have a huge impact on many areas of development. More information can be found by reading studies

Can anyone train as a Forest School Leader?
To run a Forest School, usually in a private woodland, nursery or school, you are required to complete a qualification.

Training lasts 9 days in total and involves a fully supported program of skills and theory based learning.

Once trained, you can run Forest School session with children and adults in, currently, 5 countries around the world!

For more information have a look on our course page or email us [email protected]

Let’s inspire together!

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