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I’ve had a revelation recently as I started burning (more expensive) kiln dried wood in my log burner.

The heat, lack of smoke and clear screen led me to trial in 🌲Forest School. Would using kiln dried logs make fires a more enjoyable experience for everyone? I don’t mean the 🔥 fire lighting element – we still use sticks thinner that a match, thick as a pencil etc – but the main fuel to, for example, keep the fire fuelled for a cooking session.

screenshot_20190121-165940_01-16634642 Kiln dried wood :: the future

On a recent trip to Home Bargains (other low cost retailers are available 😂) I stumbled across a bag off kiln dried silver birch for a great price. This, I thought, would be perfect to try out.

img_20190120_1346321255820959 Kiln dried wood :: the future

To cut a long story short, as well as establishing a log store to dry available wood, I plan to order a larger load of kiln dried wood to enable cooking over a fire with minimal smoke and maximum success.

img_20190120_134626-1408073353 Kiln dried wood :: the future

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Kiln dried wood :: the future
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