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cropped-IMG_20180122_080138-01-1-150x150 Den Building Forest SchoolHere is a comprehensive Forest School Leader kit list, a shop if you will.

All of the equipment here has been put to the test by the most important customers in Forest School, the children! This Forest School kit is used daily and has been selected by a team of Forest School Leaders alongside the children who take part in sessions. Any questions, just drop us an email: [email protected]


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Den Building – the lair or shelter of a wild animal, especially a predatory mammal or an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling
Using high quality tarpaulins, of a usable size, and a good choice of rope/string, a Forest School Leader can provide participants with the kit needed to construct a good den. Offering images of potential tarp configurations can promote more successful outcomes.
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Den Book

“ Here’ s a book that will bring the “ great” back into the great outdoors.” Michael Morpurgo on Run Wild.
100m_pinl-213x300 Den Building Forest School

Pink Paracord

Easy to see and collect in. Maintain a minimal impact of your setting, whilst using a tough resource for those jobs that require it. 100m
net_hammock-300x300 Den Building Forest School

Net hammock

Easy to use, tie together to make a larger area and durable. Add as a layer of progression
ddhammock-275x300 Den Building Forest School


A 3 metre x 3 metres waterproof, light-weight and high quality tarp. This order includes the guy lines and pegs for creating dens and shelters. Most importantly, it is GREEN so it blends in with nature. Blue is so last year!
jute-300x300 Den Building Forest School


A natural product - made from hemp - that you can use as an alternative to para cord for knots in Forest School. This will also biodegrade and is more obvious due to its colour
DDtarp-300x200 Den Building Forest School


Choose from these tarps to find a size that fits you and your setting. Too large and the children will find them hard to work with. Too small and they may prove
DDhammock-300x300 Den Building Forest School


We have owned a couple of these for a long time now. Easy to assemble and take down and comfy to use.
cammo-300x300 Den Building Forest School


These nets are great for a number of purposes including den building and creation of spaces for the children to enjoy. They also cover up unsightly equipment quickly and easily!
paracord-300x300 Den Building Forest School


This extra strong rope can be used in a number of situations. Always be aware that it blends in with surroundings and can be a hazard if tied at head height – always risk aware! ?