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cropped-IMG_20180122_080138-01-1-150x150 Whittling in Forest SchoolHere is a comprehensive Forest School Leader kit list, a shop if you will.

All of the equipment here has been put to the test by the most important customers in Forest School, the children! This Forest School kit is used daily and has been selected by a team of Forest School Leaders alongside the children who take part in sessions. Any questions, just drop us an email: [email protected]


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whittlinglabel Whittling in Forest School
Whittling – to carve into an object, usually wood, repeatedly cutting small slices with a knife or blade

Using the best, sharpest equipment provides Forest School users with the best chance to achieve in their small, achievable tasks. That is why we recommend the use of high quality kit.

y-peeler-300x291 Whittling in Forest School

Y Peeler for young hands

Using a Y-Peeler allows those with less control and strength in their wrists to still achieve. It also provides progression in whittling.
48woodcarvingblocks-300x300 Whittling in Forest School

Wood Carving Block

48 wood carving blocks, cut to size to fit little hands.
woodcarvingkit-300x300 Whittling in Forest School

Spoon Carving Kit

Our wood carving tool kit covers all the needs: to carve spoons & sharpen and polish spoon carving knife & to carve bowls or cups, or kuksas of different sizes and round edges & delicate wood cutting & whittling & roughing wood out.
spoonblanks-300x300 Whittling in Forest School

Spoon Carving Blanks

Blanks for use with a spoon carving knife. You could cut these yourself, but for this price they are a bargain.
sharpeningstone-300x300 Whittling in Forest School

Sharpening Stone

Silicon carbide Fine and medium grades Supplied in box Intended for sharpening all types of tools and knives Suitable for benchtop use
Screenshot-2019-03-29-at-11.29.12-AM-300x72 Whittling in Forest School

Draw Knife

Draw Knife as seen working with Saw Horse. This sharp tool has two handles and is a great way to advance whittling
clamp-300x225 Whittling in Forest School


This tool was recommended to us, and demonstrated by Charles of Touchwood Crafts. Imagine a situation where you need to hold some wood tightly to drill/saw. A clamp is quick, simple to use and robust
moracarvingknife-300x300 Whittling in Forest School


Designed for woodcarving with a thin tapered edge of laminated steel, oiled birchwood handle complete with plastic storage case.
opinel-lock-knife Whittling in Forest School


If Opinel is the only name for you when you whittle, then this sharp lock-knife is the one to add to your kit list. We prefer to use the Mora knives at our setting, but many visiting Forest School Leaders have commented that the Opinel is the one for them - your choice!
whittlinghandbook-212x300 Whittling in Forest School


Are you ready to take your wood crafting skills to another level? This book is perfect to give you and your students the ideas needed to take your whittling to its next stage. Please share your pictures of what you create!
metalbox-1-300x300 Whittling in Forest School


Keep your knife locked away in a box that you only have the key for. It fits inside the toolbox too. This is not a requirement, but useful if you want to take out just your knives and not the entire tool box.
knifesandpaper-300x300 Whittling in Forest School


Use this sandpaper to keep your tools looking their best. We use this after every whittling session to keep the blades sharp
mora_knife-200x200 Whittling in Forest School


This Mora knife is made in Sweden and used by the local children as they take part in whittling (as seen in the video). The choice of tool is up to you and your setting.
spooncarvingknife Whittling in Forest School


If your whittling has advanced, and you would like to take on the next challenge, then a spoon carving knife if the next step for you.
rightsizedriggers Whittling in Forest School


Glove too small, gloves not tough enough…we’ve tried them all. We found that these gloves are a good size to fit small hands but also those with bigger hands. These are suitable for KS1, KS2 and adults
peeler_vertical-49x300 Whittling in Forest School


Having tried a number of brands and materials, we prefer the wooden handle and quality blade of this peeler. The handle is also thinner than some, perfect for smaller hands needing good grip when whittling.
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