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“Tools down!” and we left the tool area to see what had been found. It was, indeed, a 40cm, female Slow Worm. She was basking in the sunshine, most likely having just emerged from her winter hibernation!

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Latin name: Anguis fragilis
Estimated age: 20-30 years
Commonly found: Under rocks
Common Prey: Snail and slugs
Common Predator: Cats!
Interesting: They give birth to live young and have the ability to re-grow their tail if grabbed by predator



This sparked the restoration of Bug-ingham Palace (bug hotel) to accommodate the new visitor. A new layer was built specifically linked to the conditions preferred by Slow Worms, including stones to hide under.

Next, one child asked if I wanted some for school as he had lots in his garden. We had a chat and decided that it was, of course, best to leave the creature in it’s current habitat.

So much learning went on that day, but the plan….it went out of the window.

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Inspired-Forest-School-HANDBOOK-5-150x150 Train alongside natureP.s. Are you coming to the Inspired Forest School Conference in June? Have a look and confirm your place as soon as you can. Thanks.

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Train alongside nature
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