Set up in October 2018, the then ' ➡ Gloucestershire Forest School Network' began with interest from around 45 settings and individual practitioners - a community was born.

We began by discussing, making plans and creating those all important relationships with like-minded individuals. Soon the group ran development days, set-up a Facebook group (380+ members) and now a conference has been booked for June 3rd 2019. [ujicountdown id="Event countdown" expire="2019/06/03 00:00" hide="true" url="" subscr="" recurring="" rectype="second" repeats=""]

As the group grew in size, with interest from other surrounding counties, the decision was made to rename the group - Inspired Forest School Leaders - along with a new logo, but the same principle, to inspire as a team!

INSPIRED-NETWORK-4-300x300 Inspired Facebook Community

We welcome members who are trained already, looking to train or simply offering outdoor learning opportunities of their own. So, please join the group and, if you are already a member, have a look and see what the group can offer you...but also what you can offer the group. At the moment, the latest posts look like this:

➡ Free willow for the taking from Rachel
➡ Bud ID chart from Hannah
➡ Book reviews from Chris
➡ Wild Women Day in Ciren from Britta
➡ Support request from Mindy
➡ Course offerings from Ian, Helen, Charles and Shane

Thanks for your continued support. Shane and Mark

Inspired Facebook Community
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