Today we tried something new in our Forest School session.

With a topic to link to, the children were well away with their Greek Myths And Legends topic. Someone then generated a discussion about the entertainment available in those days. What did they do without Minecraft?

Once we had established that the Greeks often used depictions on their pottery, we discussed an image found on a vase, of a game, from some 1000 years ago. They were playing with a Yo Yo.

So, once this was established, it was decided that if they could make it, so could we.

  1. What tools do we need?
  2. Materials?
  3. The correct shape for a Yo Yo is...
  4. How many discs to make?
  5. Secateurs, Bow saw or Pruning Saw?
  6. Can we attach it?

img_0497 Teaching Ancient Greece :: Yo-yoA highlight here of some of the questions we covered in the Tool Area today. And what did they manage to create? Some completed, many met frustration, but all understood that Forest School is all about the process and not the end project.


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Teaching Ancient Greece :: Yo-yo
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